Carbon Block with Aqualen Fibre

carbon block

Carbon block is a technically better solution in carbon based water filters than loose carbon filters.

AQUAPHOR has perfected a new generation of carbon block filters.  They include unique filtration media such as AQUALEN.  This solves key problems found in most standard carbon block filters.

Usually carbon block filters are made from fine granular activated carbon. This is mixed with fine stranded polyethylene and baked.  Heating forces small carbon particles (20 to 50 microns) to bond to each other.

The final filter medium has exceptional qualities such as porosity. This can be altered during production.  The material structure will remain constant during the life of the carbon block filter element.

Because the carbon particles bind to each other, the block filters display nearly no channeling effects often in regular loose carbon filters.

good and not so good

The water filter industry often produces two types of carbon blocks: “good” and “not so good”.

Good carbon blocks remove dissolved impurities well, due to a high density.  This is possible by using small size carbon granules.

Carbon blocks can become clogged quickly with particles found in water.  The loss of filter ability can reach up to 50%.  Their use where water has a lot of sediment is costly set back.  This is more cost but still it means a more regular change of filter.

Not so good carbon blocks may have a longer life.  They will allow long-term use even if water that has a lot of sediment.  But, a long life is due to a compromise.  The large spaces between larger carbon particles.  These carbon blocks have a much poorer quality of filtration than the good types.

Now AQUAPHOR has developed a solution to this trade off.  Using AQUALEN, a unique ion-exchange fibre in carbon block filters.  Aquaphor carbon blocks are made from a mix of granular and fibrous filtration medias which we call carb/fibre block (CF-block).

AQUAPHOR’s CF-blocks lack the draw backs of normal carbon block filters.  They have no equal in the world market.

The advantages of AQUALEN fibre:

AQUALEN is hydrophilic.  Unlike carbon, it is ultra absorbent.  It can act as an sorbent agent for flow of water.

This is useful given the dense pore size of the carbon block.  It rids the dead zones in the filter that may not be used in the filter process.

AQUALEN allows for high filter block of sediments.  AQUALEN’s fibres fill the structure of the carbon. This allows mechanical filtration through the entire volume of the filter.  AQUALEN fully filters out the heavy metals.

carbon block

carbon block