Aquaphor products come with a 5 Year Parts & Labour warranty. The warranty will be in accordance to our terms and conditions.
Warranty phone support is available 365 days.  Call your Aquaphor system installer.  Alternatively call Watergroup technical staff.
Aquaphor products have onsite callout warranty within a year of purchase.  When installed by accredited Aquaphor engineers.
Warranty is offered with a One Year refund.  For Aquaphor products unable to be repaired or replaced by Aquaphor engineers.
DIY installed products may be returned to a local Aquaphor stockist to check on faults.  Or call if an on site visit can be arranged.
The Aquaphor Morion water quality warranty is based on EPA Audit Monitoring parameters under E.U. Drinking Water Directives.
The water quality of all other Aquaphor drinking water products is based on all Irish EPA Check Monitoring parametric limitations.
Faucet water flow can range from 1 litre to 3 litres per minute.  This depends on system type and the incoming water pressure.
If you need a warranty callout if a fault is suspected book a time that is possible for both you and your Aquaphor system installer.
In case of a warranty callout for a suspected leak, turn off the isolation valve provided with your Aquaphor water filter and call your local Aquaphor engineer before 12pm noon if a same day callout can be arranged between 9am and 6pm – Mon to Sat.
Products should be installed and serviced following data sheets.  For latest data sheets see Aquaphor stockists, or Watergroup.
Water pressure should not regularly exceed 95 psi.  Aquaphor systems may deal with brief pressure peaks.  (100 to 300 psi.)
Min. water pressure for Aquaphor Morion 30 psi.  For min. filter faucet water flow rates.  Mid to high range 40 psi to 70 psi.
Min. water pressure for all other Aquaphor water filters 20 psi. For min. filter faucet flow rates.  Mid to high range 40 psi to 70 psi.
Aquaphor filter cartridges should be replaced if filter expires or no later than the max. life.  (max. 3 years if used on mains water.)
Certain water sources may require pre-treatment.  Especially dirty wells and rain tanks.  (min. filter life from 3 to 12 months).
Aquaphor engineers do not advise for self piercing valves.  Use fully plumbed pipe feeds along with the use of shut off valves.
Aquaphor products should be installed indoors.  Warranty requires temperatures not to fall below 4 degrees Celcius at any time.
A callout may be chargeable if your engineer finds no fault of the equipment.  This situation may be waived for a first time callout.
Information expressed in this warranty is factored on technical data gathered for systems studied over a number of years for Irish water conditions and may differ from suggested performance of Aquaphor products based on worst case global water conditions.