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Aquaphor make world class water filters.  Established in 1992, now with 2100 staff.  Aquaphor develop great ideas into final water filter products.  Trusted by millions.  Used in over 20 countries globally.  Reverse osmosis experts.  Sold in Ireland.

Aquaphor water filters cater for all water types.  Aquaphor excel in cutting edge reverse osmosis water filters with optimum performance.  Aquaphor has over 50 global patents. (Inc. UK, Germany, Russia and USA.)  see –

Aquaphor use multi media filters.  Micro Silver active carbon allows for safer bacteriostatic long life.  When basic types of carbon filters exhaust they can escalate bacteria.  Aquaphor higher capacity filters allow for safer long life when pushed to their limits.

Aquaphor also use patented Aqualen ion exchange fibre.  Aqualen provides for massive ion capture, removing heavy metals that basic filter types do not have.  *Frequent filter service ensures optimum water quality and helps avoid system breakdown.

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The flagship filter system Aquaphor Morion is a reverse osmosis water filter.  A high efficiency RO.  No electric needed.  Half the water use of other RO systems.  The most compact.  They fit under all sinks. 7.5″ x 14″ x 16.5″.  Second to none in their class.

Morions use up to 12 unique filter steps, in just 4 water filter cartridges.  Most RO units use 5 filter levels in 5 cartridges.  Morion is the lowest cost to run.  Frugal on water use.  Morion runs on as low as 28 psi water pressure.  One to five litres / minute flow.

Save €100 per year on water, electric and water filters. (Compared to pump reverse osmosis using pressure tanks).  Save €500 per year, over bottled water.  4 x capacity of fridge filters, 1/4 the cost.  Easy to change quick twist design filter cartridges.

Aquaphor Morion is NSF rated reverse osmosis.  New high flow 100 gpd NSF membranes.  ULP membranes.  (For best water recovery.)  Watch out for occasional free filter offers.  (2 years of extra free filters.)  See Galway Water.

Build quality.  Reliability.  No electric.  Low water use.  Long life filters.  Low running costs.  Add up the cost of bottled water.  (At €10 per week) – in one year alone ?  You can buy and service a Morion at 10% to 20% the cost of bottled water, long term.

Clean drinking water is ideal.  Now multiply the effect.  Using clean domestic water.  Soft water eliminates curd like scum, and used to wash clothes helps skin feel soft and supple.  No itchy hard scale particles caught in cloth fibres.  Fewer irritations.

Skin is able to absorb heavy metals.  Mostly in well water.  Like arsenic and nickel.  Water can be inhaled in the form of spray or vapour in the shower or bath.  A whole house solution is usually the safest approach than just a water filter tap alone.

Morions are discounted – when part of a combined water softener package.  Free parts and labour warranty.  All for 5 years. Pre-filter life – 2 yearly intervals. (On normal water use.)  Three to five year on average until a full filter service. See Galway Water

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