The goal of quality water filtration devices is to remove impurities from water.  It is crucial that pollutant build up in the filter, along with the filter materials, are not allowed to dissolve back into the water during the filtration process.  Aquaphor create the ultimate quality cutting-edge water filtration technologies.  Ensuring levels of unwanted water borne matter close to 100% are removed.

Many household water filters are based on industrial-scale water treatment systems.  Unfortunately, scaling down leads to a number of unfavourable compromises.  Filters become either less effective at cleaning water or don’t last very long before needing to be replaced.

AQUAPHOR designed its filters from the ground up bespoke to point-of-use application.  Because of this specific approach, AQUAPHOR’s filtration technologies and high quality water filters based around them are the best suited for household water filtration.

AQUAPHOR Filters exceed the competition by*:

More effectively removing common impurities (sand, clay, rust)
More effectively removing organic pollutants (phenols, pesticides, chlorine compounds)
More effectively removing unpleasant flavors, smells and films
More effectively removing heavy metal ions
Removing colloidal iron (the yellow deposit often found on plumbing fixtures)
Removing microscopic fauna, bacteria, and viruses
Increased speed of filtration

* According to test results under the GOST R 51872-2002 standard and corresponding with NSF 42 and NSF 53.

In its search for the highest quality water filtration possible, AQUAPHOR developed and put into use unique patented water purification technologies.

Among these is Aqualen.  A unique absorbent fibre used in practically all AQUAPHOR filters.  Other AQUAPHOR advances include optimal methods of combining granular and fibrous filtration materials, carbon block manufacture and application of hollow-fiber membranes.

Our company’s focus on in-house research and development, combined with our uncompromising approach to product quality, has allowed us to justifiably assume technological leadership in the water-purification field.

All this is possible because AQUAPHOR is one of the few water filter manufacturers that assume control over the entire production cycle. At every stage of development and manufacture – from researching the consumer’s needs to creating the final product – AQUAPHOR treats quality control with utmost seriousness.