Company – Aquaphor is a leading global manufacturer of point of use water filters.  The Aquaphor company was founded in 1992 and presently employs over 1000 staff.  Aquaphor makes filter products for millions of users in over twenty countries.

Aquaphor develops, manufactures and implements ideas into final filtration products.  Our filter products have evolved to account for a wide variety of water purification needs.  This allows our water filters to be exceptional in purifying variable water types all over the planet.

Aquaphor’s technologies and focus on point-of-use purification make our water filters best in specification.  For all filtration categories (filter jugs, multi-filters, reverse osmosis) compared to water filters of other brands.

Aquaphor uses cutting edge technologies for point-of-use POU water purification.  In all filter products, developed in house.  Aquaphor has over 50 patents globally, including UK, Germany, Russia and America.

Aquaphor break through water filter products include Aqualen, Fibermix, Carbon Block with fibre.  Also Water-on-Water reverse osmosis and hollow fibre membranes.

Aquaphor care especially about the customer experience of our water filter products.  And so our company mission focuses on client health and well-being.  For these reasons we only use the highest quality food-grade materials.  All sourced from reputable suppliers with the highest quality control procedures.  The standard set for all Aquaphor water filter products follows strict levels of quality.

Aquaphor is certified to ISO 9001 by TUV Nord (the leading certification body in the North and East of Europe).  Around 10% of Aquaphor water filters in every production run undergoes full quality control checks before they leave our company facilities.

Many Aquaphor products are certified by LGA and NSF.  The Aquaphor commitment is under pinned by several certification agencies and independent laboratories.  All have declared Aquaphor water filters and materials to be equal or better than international quality standards and effective use.