Aquaphor Crystal

Aquaphor Solo

Aquaphor Solo is a super compact designed single stage water filter system.  It is used on hard and raw feed water sources.

The Aquaphor Solo can deal with sediment, chlorine, heavy metals, mainly specific water problems on a limited budget.

Basic water filter options reduce sediment, odour, colour, taste and heavy metals.  Also reduction in levels of basic bacteria.

Aquaphor Solo also offers a hybrid 0.8 micron carbon and 0.1 micron hollow fibre ultra filter combination cartridge (K7B).

Unlike the Aquaphor 100 series, the Aquaphor Solo is a low cost and simple water filter.  It is an ultra compact water filter.

It cannot remove sodium chloride like the Aquaphor 100 series.  It has little ability to reduce fluoride, nitrates and nitrites.

It has a very good ability to reduce heavy metals up to 99% with patented Aqualen ion fibre fused into the carbon block.

The optional Aquaphor Solo K7B cartridge uses the Mitsubishi 0.1 mic ultra-filtration for bacteria / cyst removal to low levels.


Aquaphor Solo extras

A choice of taps are able to be used.  Chrome, or brush nickel finish.  The Aquaphor Solo can be used with a triflow tap.

Discount offers are available for the Aquaphor Solo water filter unit when purchasing a water softener at the same time or just sold DIY in the box.

Extra filters are often on sale.  Or free filters with some offers.  Often an extra 2 years worth of free filters to save €€€’s.

This type of water filter is mainly used on hard water mains feeds.  The twist cartridge filter design allows for easy service.


The Aquaphor Solo water filter options can have the highest number of levels of unique filtration in a single filter for any water filter.

1.  Sediment,   2.  Odour,   3.  Colour,   4.  Taste,   5.  Chlorine,   6.  Heavy Metals,   7.  Bacteria,   8.  Cyst