Morion Generic – 50


Morion Generic – 50

Morion Generic – 50 water filter allows faster water production if required with a premium level of benefits :

1. Morion Generic – 50 combo option.  Generic model Aquaphor filter system with the highest discount, if you buy a water softener at the same time.

2. Morion Generic – 50 upgrade option.  Generic model Aquaphor filter system.  Close to the cost of a full service, if you have an old RO unit from us.

3. A choice of faucet options, added single or dual mineraliser options, pH or alkaline options, higher tap flow options, when installed by Aquaphor technicians.

4. A choice of discounts if installed with a water softener but without many of the extras listed above.

5. Final filter is the K7 carbon block 0.8 micron.

High performance allows for commercial level water use with a super compact footprint and high efficiency compared to standard reverse-osmosis water filters.  See the video for how we can help make life easier using cutting-edge technology for drinking and cooking water much better than EU and WHO best standards.

The Morion Generic – 50 provides exceptional quality water filtration
in the most convenient way for a significantly lower cost.


Your Water

Morion Generic – 50 offers gourmet standard purified water quality easily better than the highest cost premium bottled water.  It removes 100% impurities better than WHO / EU / EPA / HSE best laboratory standards with an additional warranty for adjustable TDS or pH or alkaline or mineral balance.  Great for good health, easy on appliances and no scale, with the free of charge option to re-introduce minerals with single or dual mineral cartridges.


Reveal the true actual taste of your coffee and tea – how it should taste for crystal clear and transparent ice for your cocktails.  Morion Generic – 50 is excellent for expresso coffee-makers and for american refrigerators with water and ice dispensers.

0.8 micron K7 carbon block

Storage tanks can propagate bacteria, however to prevent bacterial growth the Aquaphor 100 has a K-7 cartridge that stops impurities down to 0.8 micron (including bacteria an cysts) acting as a very good “no back entry” defence.

Pristine water with no odour colour or taste is an easy task for the Aquaphor scientific team, however the Morion is the only RO in the world using a triple micro-crystaline bank of silver anti-microbial, 5micron, 3micron, 0.8micron (Aqualen ion-exchange) carbon block filters that lock on to heavy metals and other large ions.

Extreme compactness

The Morion Generic – 50 has a footprint of less than half the size of a standard “skeleton” RO water filter by using a compact built-in storage tank.  It can stand upright and can be positioned in other configurations to suit tighter spaces.


Compare the space used with a standard RO unit alongside a compact Morion Generic – 50.


Efficient water storage tank – Works at 2+ atm

The Morion Generic – 50 is designed with an airless storage tank offering zero counter-pressure so water is filtered from incoming feed water pressures as low as 2 bar without requiring the usual 36w or 60w size booster pumps that can use several hours of electricity per day.  The tank can fill with purified water in 30 mins at the lowest operating pressure.

Save 50% water – (9 tons of water annually)

Due to the efficient storage tank and valve system, Morion Generic retains the ratio of waste-to-filtered water of below 5:1 regardless of how much water is present in the water tank or the pressure of the incoming water.

For standard RO water filters, with air-on-water water tank, approximate ratio varies between 10:1 and 30:1 at approx. 45psi pressure, less efficient towards the end of the tank re-fill.

Given that we often use 1 – 2 ltrs of filtered water at a time, Morion Generic saves you up to 50% or 9000 ltrs of water per year, compared to standard RO systems that can use 10% to 30% of overall household water use.



Save on replacement filters

The Morion Generic – 50 pre-filtration process comprises of a dual bank of filters that include several unique aspects of filtration in each cartridge,with 5 micron and 3 micron micro-crystalline silver and Aqualen ion-exchange high grade carbon block type filter options for municipal water and well waters.

For dirt, iron, sediments or organics on some wells or rain tanks a sediment cartridge and single carbon filter can be used.

Thanks to the Morion Generic – 50 water efficiency, less water passes through the pre-filtration cartridges making them last at least twice as long as standard RO pre-filters, saving money.


Easiest to Service and Maintain

Morion Generic – 50 cartridges are easily replaced: – push the button; twist off the old cartridge and twist on the new cartridge until you hear a “click” (after a quarter turn).

Morion Generic – 50 storage tanks are designed to provide easy access incase of the need for servicing / sanitising.  The membrane often lasts up to half the life of the system.



Safe and reliable materials and design

All Morion Generic – 50 components are manufactured from food-grade recyclable materials throughout an environment-friendly production process.

The Morion Generic – 50 is designed to operate within pressures of 30 to 95 psi allowing for water pressure spikes up to 300 psi.