Master Crafts Trades

Master Crafts Trades.  Over the years you come upon trades people at the top of their league.  For those you can recommend, you want to pass on their names.   For the top cutting edge master crafts trades in Ireland, see …

Hugh Ryan (Galway) Water Treatment – see next NEWS post.

Stephen Kelly (Galway) Carpenter.  Stephen is extremely good at what he does.  Primarily bespoke kitchens.  And most other carpentry.  From attic conversion and furniture renovation.  To fitted bedrooms, under stairs storage, even van kit outs.  All Stephen’s work is in a class of its own.  He is one of the highest skilled carpenters in the West of Ireland.

Automated Homes (Galway) Adrian Strickland.  Adrian surely has to be the top end master of his industry.  The planning and quality of wiring and layout of Adrian’s automated home systems are technically immaculate.  As is the quality of equipment and software used.  Adrian has automated many castles and large estates in the UK.  Also building up steadily here in Ireland for the last ten years.  Now offering affordable, especially money saving systems.  Savings are made by efficient controls of heating, lighting and the benefits of security.

Rain Catchers (Galway) Rainwater Harvesting.  RainCatchers are Galway’s leading rainwater company. For rainwater harvesting supplies and installations.  See their new showroom in Claregalway.  All equipment related to rain water is on show.  Helpful and friendly staff.

Ultimate Galway Plumbers …

Martin Fahy (Galway) Plumber.  Martin Connolly (Galway) Plumber.  Johnny Barrat (Galway) Plumber.  Liam Finn (Galway) Plumber.  Joe Fahy (Galway) Plumber.

All of these local plumbers are ranked highly.  Well known for many years for being the top of their class.  Reliable, and genuine high class, quality plumbing.  If you are building a house, the one thing you want to get right is the wires and the pipes.

Banking on one’s own reputation to recommend others is a matter of knowing you can definitely recommend someone.  All the above are top of their league.  Dependable, honest, clear leaders of their fields.