Watergroup – New Aquaphor.ie Website

Watergroup are an importer and distributor of water filter products.  The launch of the new Aquaphor.ie website showcases the ultimate quality water filters.

Watergroup now stock Europe’s highest specified drinking water filters.  The Aquaphor.ie website offers great discounts on the Aquaphor range of water filters.  Along with package discounts and 5 year free filter offers.  Near zero cost for premium quality water year to year.

Aquaphor offer the best range of filters.  Such as the K5 sediment filter.  The K3 carbon 5 micron.  The K2 carbon 3 micron.  The K7 carbon 0.8 micron.  K7B carbon UF 0.1 micron.  KH hardness removal.  K7M mineral.  K50 membrane.  Also ULP membranes.

Aquaphor configure water filters for Watergroup for the Irish market.  These range from single and multi stage water filters.  Also state of the art RO type water filters.  With new pump options available.  For high flow.

Watergroup stock a wide range of water filters for all budgets.  From single water filters.  To the high end Aquaphor Morion reverse osmosis water filter systems.  http://www.aquaphor.com/morion-overview